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Our services include

• Day to day garment rental and cleaning service.
• Wide range of garment styles, colours and fabrics to choose from.
• Customized Logo designs and badging service to enhance company image.
• Improved hygiene and satisfaction.
• Weekly garment collection and delivery service.
• Fast, efficient repair and alteration service.
• Dedicated customer care support teams.
• Fully managed locker valet service.
• Comprehensive reporting facility on all garments and wearers.
• Full measuring service to ensure correct fit. Additional work-wear rental/laundry for busy seasons.
• 12 equal monthly invoices based on a 52 week year, for easier accounting.

Mat Rental London

Mat Rental

Our floor protection mats can reduce cleaning costs for the rest of your facilities and extend the life of high cost floorings. As part of Renwear’s commitment to customer service, we will examine the traffic flow and soiling levels of the relevant area and recommend a suitable frequency of servicing to keep your mats in ideal condition. Customized logo designs on the mats to enhance company image is also available.

Kitchen towels

Tea towels – Roller Towels

We offer a full range of tea towel and roller towel rentals and will install roller towels cabinet too.

Laundry Locker Rental London

Mat Rental

Available in different colours, our lockers come with pre-drilled holes for wall-facing, ventilation holes for the garments to breathe, and multilocker installations.
We are also able to supply lockers featuring sloping roofs to prevent buildup of litter and unhygienic waste. Save time, money and space with our personal locker service and eliminate the problems of theft, damage and complicated administration sometimes involved with providing work-wear to your staff.


Our specialty is our complete concentration purely on sales and service. To this effect, We use an existing professional laundry to carry out the laundering of our garments an existing. The Laundry has been in existence for many years, has a state of the art automated facility and holds all the required certifications.

“I highly recommend Renwear to anybody that is serious about their workwear. From customer care to delivery, the whole set up is excellent. You can’t beat service like that.”

Mo, Golders Green

How do we do it?

Never transactional in our approach, we focus on creating relationships that are lasting and mutually beneficial over time. Our focus on work-wear solutions allows us to understand all the fine nuances of this particular industry. We strive to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain. We work with you and carry out research to understand your needs and the needs of your customers.
From understanding your company to uncovering your best solution, our approach is guided by a set of core principles that ensure the most successful outcomes for your business. Our custom rental packages offer a broad range of custom logo and non-branded work apparel as well as corporate casual wear. Focusing primarily on the food industry our mission is to be recognized as the quality leader in our industry whilst seeing some of the most exciting technological innovations in the industry today. Our careful focus on serving each customer’s special needs and providing total satisfaction enables us to set trends, build consumer desire and shape the work-wear industry into a better future.


Connect with us, share and inspire.


Connect with us, share and inspire.


Connect with us, share and inspire.

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